As a Pennsylvania homeowner, you are invited to learn how to beautify your yard while
keeping our waters clean. These projects help reduce flooding, recharge our wells, filter pollutants from
oily roads, reduce summer heat, and keep our water clean. Your home’s value will increase as plantings
mature. Be a pace-setter in your neighborhood, collect water for gardens and other outdoor uses,
attract birds and butterflies, enjoy year-round native flowers, and be a part of the solution.
September 20 at 7 p.m.
London Grove Township Building
Capture more rain on-site, reducing drought effects and lowering
your water bills—install one or more Catch the Rain practices.
Shade your house for cooler summertime temperatures and
lower utility bills—plant trees.
Grow native plants that feed pollinators and songbirds.
Reduce the size of your lawn, spend less time mowing and
reduce chemical and fertilizer use.
Get a free rain barrel.
Let us help you pay part of the costs of these home improvements!
Catch The Rain
Catch the Rain will provide step-by-step guidance, clear estimates of your costs and rebate amounts,
professional site visit and design consultation, reputable installers, and maintenance guidelines.
You must attend a workshop to participate. Catch the Rain is a partnership between the
White Clay Wild and Scenic River program and the Brandywine Conservancy, with funding in part
from the Dockstader Foundation and the National Park Service. Let us know if you can come!