Green Corner

Buy Fresh, Buy Local

The growing national demand for locally-produced and safe food is easy to understand.

Green Building

Gather resources in order to build green.

Green Gardening

Gather information about green gardening in the Township.

Green Summer

Review some tips to stay cool and green this summer.

Home Energy Efficiency

Get information about home energy efficiency.

Join Green Organizations

Get information about green organizations and how to join them.

Preserve Your Land

London Grove Township is a region rich in natural resources. Located within the Wild and Scenic White Clay Creek Watershed, it is host to a bounty of valuable farmlands, woodlands and wetlands. These natural resources provide residents with a local supply of food, recreational opportunities, and clean air and water.


Review helpful resources for the green corner.

Stop Global Warming

Discover what you can do to help with global warming.

Water Conservation

Water conservation is the cost-effective and environmentally sound way to reduce our demand for water.