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Avon Grove Lions Club Donated for our Community Risk Reduction Program

As part of our Community Risk Reduction Program the London Grove Township, Fire Marshal, Robert Weer, has been working with the local Emergency Services to identify ways of reducing risk to our community. One of [...]

Avondale Emergency Services Recognition Day, Saturday, October 20, 2018

Avondale Emergency Services Recognition Day will take place on Saturday, October 20, 2018 in the London Grove Shopping Center, Lowes Parking Area. This is a FREE Event. Come join for some fun, free food, flue [...]

Pennsylvania State Police Route 41 Dedication Ceremony for Trooper Kenton Iwaniec

The public is invited to attend a dedication ceremony for a section of Route 41 to accept the passing of a bill naming that portion of the highway to Trooper Kenton Iwaniec who was killed [...]

PSA Announcement: No Parking In Fire Lanes And Handicap Spots

A fire lane is a marked lane in a parking lot that is near a structure. Parking is prohibited in fire lanes to endure the access of safety equipment to the structure in the event [...]

Trash & Recycling Day at Southeastern Chester County Refuse Authority (SECCRA)

This is free event for Township residents only. Residence is defined as any dwelling unit used as a place of human habitation, which is not commercial, municipal, institutional, or a community activity. For those items [...]

See Something Say Something

The Township has been finding out about illegal dumping and other things that need to be addressed around the Township via Facebook Message Boards. If there are items that need to be addressed please call [...]

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