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Reminder for Solicitation/Peddling

London Grove Township does not allow solicitation/peddling without a permit. If you see someone or are approached by someone who is soliciting or peddling without a permit, please call the Township Building 610-345-0100. When a solicitation [...]

London Grove Township Is Proud to Announce Receiving$1,280,300 For Sidewalks Along State Road From Schoolhouse Road To Goddard Park

Dinniman Announces More than $2.1 Million in Transportation Funding on MAY 8, 2018 West Chester (May 8, 2018) – State Senator Andy Dinniman announced that three projects in Chester County would receive more than $2.1 million in [...]

Chester County’s Comprehensive Plan Draft

If you are a Chester County resident or municipal official who has an interest in the county’s future, please check out the latest developments of Landscapes3, the county’s next comprehensive plan. In particular, we at the Chester County [...]

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