Township News

Scheduled Paving To Begin 9/21/2020

Paving work scheduled to start in the Sullivan Station section of London Grove Township, Monday 09/21/2020.  Sullivan Chase Drive, Roosevelt Way, Truman Lane, and Franklin Court are included in the work.  Work will include preparation [...]

Trash and Recycling Day at SECCRA

This is free event for Township residents only. Residence is defined as any dwelling unit used as a place of human habitation, which is not commercial, municipal, institutional, or a community activity. If you have questions [...]

Woodview Road Closed Between Rt 41 and Rt 841 Until Further Notice

Woodview Rd will be closed between Rt 41 and Rt 841 until further notice.   On Sunday 3/31/19 a tree fell across the bridge damaging the bridge structure,  we will be having the structure evaluated by [...]

Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Odor Complaint Form

To report an odor please fill out the DEP Environmental Complaint Form, or you can call the Department of Environmental Protection, Southeast Region Office at 484-250-5991. The Township receives a monthly break down of all [...]

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