Learn how to recycle your homes vegetative waste into valuable compost, instead of paying to have it carted away to the landfill. The composting process turns vegetable kitchen, garden, and lawn waste into valuable compost for vegetables, flowers and potted plants. London Grove Township is now mandated by the state to provide a recycling program.

Compost Material

Almost any organic material is suitable for a compost pile, including:

  • Garden Refuse – spent plants, dead flowers and weeds
  • Grass Clippings – to avoid odor, dry them out first if you have a lot
  • Kitchen Refuse – includes everything except meat and dairy products
  • Leaves – preferably shredded so they’re smaller
  • Manure – from any vegetarian animal
  • Seaweed – use a hose to wash off the salt before adding it
  • Spoiled Hay and Straw – especially good for aeration