The Township invites residents to volunteer their time on the various boards and commissions that service the community. Please review the available opportunities and talents currently needed by the Township. This is your opportunity to give back to your community and to make a difference. The Township appreciates your service!

Middle & High School Opportunities

The following community service opportunities are available for middle or high school students:

  • Recycling and Trash Collection Event at SECCRA: Direct traffic and help with loading of materials
  • London Grove Township Parks and Trails, Planting and Clean up: Plant trees and cleanup trails in the Township

Vacancy Opportunities on Boards & Commissions

London Grove Township needs volunteers for various Boards and Commissions.

Board of Auditors: Responsibilities

The Board of Auditors is a 3-member elected body required by the Second Class Township Code. They act as a supplement to the hired professional auditing firm. The board is responsible for reviewing:

  • All Newspaper Advertisements
  • Annual Audit
  • Capital Projects/Initiatives
  • Equipment Inventory
  • Public Works Training Records

EAC: Responsibilities

The primary focus of the EAC is improving water quality. Recent efforts the EAC has made toward that goal include:

  • Assisting with the Township’s Storm Water Management Program
  • Helping the public understand the environmental consequences of decisions they make
  • Participating in the White Clay Creek Management Committee programs
  • Promoting action on environmental issues
  • Promoting riparian buffers
  • Providing information to the elected officials and the various Township commissions/boards
  • Reviewing Southeastern Chester County Refuse Authority (SECCRA) well monitoring reports

Golf Course Advisory: Mission Statement

The London Grove Board of Supervisors established the Inniscrone Golf Course Advisory Committee to assist in monitoring the current operations and developing a long-term strategic plan for the Inniscrone Golf Club.


More specifically the purpose of the Golf Course Advisory Committee is as follows:

  • Provide consultation to the Supervisors regarding the ownership of Inniscrone and work with the contracted management team to take full advantage of their knowledge and experience
  • Consult with the Supervisors on the development and monitoring of a long-term strategic plan to improve the golf course and facilities resulting in increased play and revenue
  • Monitor Inniscrone’s current operations and financial performance


Inniscrone Golf Club will continue to be a self-sustaining golf course and a source of pride for residents of London Grove by providing recreation, beautiful open space and grounds for treated effluent spray.

Planning Commission: Responsibilities

One of the primary responsibilities of the Planning Commission is to review subdivision and land development plans. The Commission must review all plans before they go to the Board of Supervisors. Their review is assisted by the comments of professional consultants such as the Township Engineer, the Township Solicitor and Staff. After their review, the Planning Commission makes recommendations that are provided to the Board of Supervisors.

Another responsibility of the Planning Commission is to prepare and/or update the Comprehensive Plan. The Comprehensive Plan is a blueprint or vision for how the Township intends to grow for a 20 year period. The Commission is responsible for making sure the Plan is up-to-date and relevant.

A third responsibility of the Planning Commission is to recommend amendments to the Township’s land use ordinances; specifically the Zoning Ordinance and the Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance. They utilize these ordinances in their review of development plans and often see areas in which the ordinance can be improved. The Commission will also review and comment on proposals from private parties to amend the ordinances.

Zoning Hearing Board: Purpose

The Zoning Hearing Board is the “safety valve” for the Zoning Ordinance. While Zoning Ordinances are comprehensive and written to be clear, they do not fit all the possible situations that exist in the real world of property. This is where the Zoning Hearing Board comes into play.

Property owners can make applications to the Zoning Hearing Board to hear requests for variances (literally to ask the Zoning Hearing Board to “vary” the Zoning Ordinance standards) and for interpretations of the regulations. The Zoning Hearing Board also hears other applications known as special exceptions and challenges to the validity of the Zoning Ordinance.


The Zoning Hearing Board is an appointed, but autonomous, body of 3 township residents. However, while being appointed by the Board of Supervisors, they function independently and are authorized to make binding decisions. In this way they are unlike other volunteer boards that only make recommendations to the Board of Supervisors.

As such, the Zoning Hearing Board is considered to be a “quasi-judicial” body and appeals from their decisions go to the Court of Common Pleas in West Chester.

Hearing Process

The following is the process that applicants must follow to schedule a hearing with the Zoning Hearing Board:

  • File the Zoning Hearing Board Application, the fees (this covers roughly 1/3 the cost of the hearing, the Township covers the remainder) and plans. You should provide 5 copies of the form and plans.
  • Township staff then processes the application and schedules a hearing.
  • The Board of Supervisors considers the application at a public meeting; while an applicant need not attend this meeting, it is recommended to do so in the event the Board has questions. The Supervisors review each and every application to the Zoning Hearing Board to determine if they want to take a position on the appeal.
  • Prepare for and attend the hearing before the Zoning Hearing Board. You must prepare specific arguments, or reasons, for them to grant the relief you are requesting. The Zoning Ordinance lists the criteria you must meet and you should review it prior to your hearing. The Zoning Hearing Board has 45 days to make a decision but in most cases will decide it the night of the hearing.
  • If the appeal is granted, follow through with the appropriate Township staff to receive approval and permits for your project.


Please help the Township fill these vacancies. These boards assist the Township in its operations and, depending on the boards, provide advise and expertise to the Board of Supervisors. If you are interested in any of these committees, please email Ken Battin with your letter of interest and resume.