Join Green Organizations

White Clay Creek Wild & Scenic Management Committee

The White Clay Creek was declared a National Wild and Scenic River in October 2000 based on the merit of its scenic vistas and historical, cultural, and natural resources. The Watershed Management Committee is charged with protecting and enhancing those resources.

Our website provides information about progress being made through our partnership with the National Park Service since the designation. A new design for the website is currently being completed that will make the site easier to navigate and provide for more information. Look for these changes in the coming months.

Pennsylvania Outdoor Lighting Council

The Pennsylvania Outdoor Lighting Council (POLC) provides advice on solving the problems of glare, light trespass and skyglow caused by light pollution. The goal of the POLC is to reduce light pollution in Pennsylvania by educating the public about the safety and nuisance problems of obtrusive lighting and by recommending actions to improve outdoor lighting.

All are welcome to attend their monthly meetings held in Northern Chester County.

Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture

Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture (PASA) is a nonprofit organization working to improve the economic and social prosperity of Pennsylvania food and agriculture. We work with the farmers that grow our food, the consumers that eat the food, and those concerned with the ecological well- being of our environment and natural resources. All are welcome to join.