Green Projects

London Grove Township recently passed 2 resolutions advancing environmental principles. Resolution Number 466 and Resolution No. 467 were approved by the Board of Supervisors in July of 2007, committing London Grove Township to employing environmentally sustainable practices. The Board of Supervisors passed 2 resolutions providing the foundation for a more environmentally sustainable and energy independent Township. We need your help too!

Resolution Number 466

Resolution Number 466 (PDF) serves as a general commitment to pursue environmentally sustainable practices within the community and to implement these practices in London Grove Township operations. The goal is to minimize environmental degradation and to use natural resources at a rate in which they can be replenished. Written in a broad manner, the resolution both encourages the adaptation of existing sustainable measures and allows for new innovations in sustainability to be implemented in the future.

Resolution Number 467

Resolution Number 467 (PDF) establishes the Township’s commitment to obtain 20% of its energy needs from renewable sources by the year 2010 as part of the Pennsylvania Clean Energy Communities Campaign.

Clean energy contributes to the community’s health by alleviating the presence of medical problems associated with the burning of fossil fuels, protects the environment by producing little or no toxic emissions (which are largely responsible for acid rain, ozone smog, and global warming), conserves our natural resources by decreasing mining and drilling activities (which leads to water and land contamination), and promotes national security by diversifying Pennsylvania’s fuel sources and energy infrastructure.

Once the municipal and residential targets are met the Township is eligible for a 1kW solar power system valued at $10,000. The system produces 1,600 kWh per year, which would reduce the Townships’ energy costs. However, the real benefit of the solar system is in its demonstration of the new energy technologies available as alternatives to nonrenewable energy resources.

Together, these resolutions will lead to higher energy efficiency, greater resource conservation, smaller amounts of waste, a healthier quality of life, and a better awareness of the environment – which will benefit the residents and Township alike.