Goddard Park

Goddard Park 1The 125-acre site was assembled by the Township over the past decade based on a most generous donation of 40 acres from Steven and Marna Goddard.


Eagle Scout Sean Franklin’s Video of Goddard Park- Fall 2020 Click here

2015 video of Goddard Park.

Photos of the Goddard Park 10 Year Anniversary & Harvest Festival 2019

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Goddard Park is located at 568 Wickerton Road, West Grove, PA 19390, on the West side of Wickerton Road (Route 841) and stretches from the intersection of State Road down to the intersection of East and West Avondale Road. The park is open from dawn to dusk daily.

Mission Statement:

To care for, preserve and protect the parks natural features while providing “A Place” for the community to gather for recreation.

Special NoticeGoddard Park 2

Please make certain that your dog(s) have had all vaccinations and licenses before allowing them to run free in the dog park. This is a Township requirement and it is for the health and safety of your pets as well as the other dogs at the park. Thank you for your cooperation in making the Dog Park a fun and safe environment for all dogs. Keep those tails wagging!

Phase 1

The Township has completed Phase 1 (PDF), supported by funding from Chester County and PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR).

Phase one of Goddard Park was completed with the Grand Opening Celebration on April 28, 2012.

Completed in this Phase:

  • Access and parking area
  • Bridge access to the pond area
  • Most of the park’s trail system, about 13,400 linear feet, which is a little over 2.5 miles
  • Playground featuring a unique play structure

Phase 2

Phase 2 construction was complete in fall of 2014, this phase brings several new and exciting aspects, including:

  • 2nd parking area
  • Additional bridges and trails
  • Community garden
  • Composting restrooms
  • Play area expansion with paved community patio area and pavilions
  • Storm water management

Residents Enjoying Goddard Park Dog Park

Udo the Weimaraner is looking forward to sunny days and meeting new friends at the park this year! Thank you for this awesome park !
Jenna Morrison

Lost & Found

Items lost at the park are located at:
Township Building
372 Rose Hill Road
West Grove, PA 19390