Green Lighting

Light Pollution in London Grove Township

Save energy, save money, be a good neighbor, and preserve our night skies.

On any given clear night in rural municipalities throughout Pennsylvania, approximately 2,000 stars should be visible to the human eye. Today, residential and commercial lighting fixtures are casting a preventable, unwanted glow into the township’s night skies, prohibiting our ability to see these stars.

Artificial light also presents a problem when it “trespasses” into the homes of Township residents, into our streets- affecting pedestrians and drivers, and also into natural areas such as woodlands where wildlife are negatively impacted.

Dark-Sky Ordinance

London Grove Township adopted a dark-sky ordinance in 2004 with technical assistance from the Pennsylvania Outdoor Lighting Council in order to prevent light pollution in the township. The ordinance asks both residents and business owners to be responsible when selecting outdoor lighting fixtures.

These fixtures should direct light downward, be equipped with shields that prevent light from spilling onto neighboring properties and into our night skies, and feature the lowest possible wattage for the chosen application.

Responsible Lighting

Responsible outdoor lighting applications may include replacing a standard 100 watt bulb with a 40 watt bulb for front door lighting applications; choosing low- voltage, shielded landscape lighting fixtures instead of floodlights; and aiming floodlights down at a 45 degree angle, while shielding them with an inexpensive device such as the Parshield.

Please read the London Grove Township Friendly Lighting Ordinance Brochure (PDF) if you are a resident or business owner in London Grove Township.

Where to Buy Dark-Sky Fixtures

Residents and business owners can find attractive and functional lighting fixtures at the following regional and online stores. You can view a list of stores (PDF) online.